About Me

An American Artist

I was born in the midwest almost sixty years ago and have lived in nine states. I've been to many more than that, on drives from Maine to California, California to Maine and Minnesota, New York to Florida, and other journeys. I've painted landscapes of almost every place I've ever been. These days, I use a camera, combined with retouching skills honed as an artist, to deliver images of America that reflect the inherent greatness and spirit of our country.

Dutchess County Fair, 2023, New York

Half mast, 9/15/2002

After the 9/11 attacks in 2011, I drove around Southern California, looking for something to paint that would reflect what had happened in New York. A few days after I started looking,  I found this flag flying half mast. Two men sat beneath it, looking out at the ocean and an uncertain future. That was the mood I wanted.

Sundown at the Border, 2004 Acrylic on canvas

My truck, and Sundown on the Border in progress. I was inspected by a helicopter as I painted, witnessed multiple border crossers, and a border patrol truck filled with the same people I saw popping up out of the bushes earlier.

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